Saturday, June 23, 2012

Graduation Cookies~

Back in the day, I was a cheerleader for a brief moment in time... I wore saddle shoes and the ugliest and itchiest wool uniform!  Last year I happened to run into a few girls who cheer for my old school and they were the cutest kids ever, wearing updated and adorable uniforms!  Happy to see that my old high school (which was also an ALL girls school until my senior year) has come a long way...

Black and gold, my alma mater's colors! Well, actually, it's black, green, and gold but I like it better this way...

                         Caps off, graduates!!!

I love my new number stamps, (found in the clay section at Michaels)!!  It's so easy to create personalized favors by using stamps on cookies covered in rolled fondant. 

 A cute idea I've used a couple of times is stamping the numbers or letters into the fondant, then using lemon juice mixed with gold luster dust and a tiny paint brush to fill in the numbers or letters.   You can use this idea on cakes as well.

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