Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Hero Birthday~

                            BAM!!! POW!!!! ....

Check out this SUPER cool cake I made for Nicole over at The The Twinery!  It was her son, Landen's 5th birthday and like most 5 yr. old boys, he loves super heroes!!  I painted The Hulk and Spidey on a piece of fondant that I mixed with gum tex and rolled SUPER thin {did you catch that?}  There are skewers attached to the back of The Hulk to make him stay put.

If this guy tells you to have a happy birthday, I'd listen to him!!!  ; )

Use your Spidey senses to guess what Spiderman is swinging around's twine, of course!!  (I twisted grey and white fondant together to make it look like a piece of twine) seemend appropriate!  : ))

Have a SUPER week!!  {seriously...last time!! xo}



  1. Thank you SO much!! Not sure how I missed this comment but it means the world coming from you!!! :)