Friday, July 13, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake~

Happy Friday, everyone!!!
I just got back from buying boxes for this weekends orders.  On my way home, while I was driving through Doylestown, I noticed all of the sharply dressed people strolling through town.  I felt a slight twinge of envy thinking about where I'd go or who I'd meet up with if I had a weekend night free.  I quickly flashed back to what I had waiting for me at home, the reason I went out for the boxes, the reason I rarely get a night out, and most importantly, the reason I think that I have the BEST job in the world!!!  {see below!} Thank you to Ashley for ordering such a cute cake! xo

I hand painted all of the fondant details with food color that I mixed with a little vodka.   The vodka evaporates out quickly but you could use lemon juice to thin out the food color, if you prefer.

               Happy 1st Birthday, little Nicholas!!


  1. That cake looks great, the caterpillar came out really nice.

  2. Thank you, dg! I really loved making this cake!! : )

  3. wow! Such a beautiful Cake!!! I would love to create a cake like this for my daughters Birthday.
    How have you coloured the fondant/Flowerpaste?

  4. Thanks so much!! I mix food coloring with a tiny bit of vodka and paint it right on the fondant. The vodka evaporates quickly but you could also use lemon juice in place of the vodka.
    Good luck! I would love to see pics. of the finished product!! : )