Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Booties~ A Baby Shower Cake~

The request for this cake was that it tie in with a "Book" theme baby shower. My original design(and 1st attempt) had a much larger book on top. I told my client that I would paint a picture on the book & I was very happy with the way the painting turned out!!
But...when I went to attach the book to the top of the cake I realized it was WAY too big. The proportions were soo looked ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! So I had a short hissy fit... I had already attached the painting to the Ginormous~book!!! Well, I walked away from it for a while & sulked. I didn't really have the time to paint a new picture but I couldn't compromise on the overall appearance of the cake so...

I held my breath, said a prayer & peeled my hand painted bunny picture off of the 1st book & made this one.

...AND this one! I really can't believe my painting survived! I guess you never really know what the possibilities are unless you try! xo Linda

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  1. Ooh, I need you in Charleston! We are giving my daughter a baby shower with a book theme!