Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fondant Baby Bootie Tutorial~

I searched the web for what seemed like hours to find out how to make the fondant booties I wanted to put on my most recent cake. To save you, my friends,from having to endure the same time-wasting search I thought I'd lay it all out for you...

I noticed that most people actually used gum paste to make their booties, but since I didn't have any on hand I used fondant mixed with a small amount of Gum~Tex (I don't measure it, i just add a few pinches & knead 'til it's incorporated.)
Here's what else you'll need:

~ parchment paper (for rolling out the fondant)
~ small rolling pin for fondant
~ small paint brush
~ lemon juice or vodka(the alcohol evaporates)
~ #2 decorating tip (for making the holes the laces will go through)
~ sharp knife or cutting tool

Roll the fondant out very thin & place your shapes on so you can carefully cut them out. Sorry I don't have an actual pattern for you to print, but you can draw these shapes & cut them out. Play with the proportions as needed. These shoes are very teeny, tiny!

Once the shapes are cut out of the fondant you'll want to carefully smooth the edges with your fingers. Make sure you put the holes in now. I used the #2 decorator's tip for this.

The oval shape is the sole of the shoe, lay it down on your work space & use your paintbrush to wet the outside edges with either lemon juice or vodka.

Immediately attach the front of the shoe, the 1st shape shown above. Gently push it against the wet sides of the sole & hold it for a few seconds to make sure it's staying put.

You can then brush the lemon/vodka on the flaps & flat part of the middle piece, shown above. The flat side is the bottom. Attach this to the back of the shoe.

You'll want to add the laces at this point. If you don't have an extruder or feel like rolling the fondant into laces, you can just use a very thin ribbon found at most craft stores. As this was my first attempt at making these booties, I waited 24 hours before trying to add laces (which was a HUGE mistake!!) Once the fondant is hard it's not going to move AT ALL. There was absolutely no give when I tried to get the fondant laces through those tiny little holes. No harm though, I just improvised & cut the laces into thirds & pasted(w/vodka) them in... Tricky right!?
I Hope you found this helpful. Have fun making your own adorable, little, baby booties! xo Linda

This tutorial is entered in Pure Joy Events Party tutorial contest ~ I think I'm a "shoe" in...get it?! instead of, "shoo in"  Heeheee!  Good luck to everyone who entered! xo


  1. Wow, they turned out beautifully. Thanks for linking it up to our Party Tutorial Contest.

  2. Linda thanks for the great tips..

  3. Thank you so much for your pattern for booties. I have a Christening cake to make and have never made any before even though I have been icing cakes for over 25 years.

    Pam in England

  4. Thank you so much. There are templates for other baby shoes but not these. Thanks for your help :)