Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Pumpkin Turned 10~

Welcome to my daughter, Kati's 10th Birthday Surprise Party!!!!!

 She knew a party was in the works but I was very sneaky about the date and details.  We decided this would be the perfect year for a surprise party because Kati just transferred to a new school.  All of her best friends went to a different school so there was a slim chance of her finding out.
Thanks to Matt's clever friend, Ryan for carving this cute pumpkin for my little pumpkin!
I made this wreath using a wire hanger and just threaded it through folded burlap, so easy!{I like the rustic look so I didn't mind the random strands hanging around.}
...One chilly, Fall night, just a few days before Halloween a little girl walked into her dark, quiet house not suspecting anything was different... then, all of a sudden... loud screams...
Kati jumped high into the air and landed feet-up!{thankfully the sofa cushioned her fall!}
To say she was surprised would be an understatement.  Her expression over the next few moments, as she soaked in what was happening, made all of the sneaking, planning, threatening of family members not to blow it, worth it!! ; )
Feast your eyes {sorry, ever since I saw the movie BRAVE I just can't stop saying that!!!} on what the kids ate and drank~

The girls got a little breath of cool, October air when they went out to hit the pinata...
I didn't make this pinata the traditional way, using papier-mâché.  I just used hot glue to attach craft paper to 3D cardboard numbers that I cut out.  There is a cardboard support in the center of each number to keep them from collapsing.  I left holes in the bottom and sides of the cardboard so the candy would come out when hit.  Yes, I took the easy way out but hey, it worked!  It took 9 hits before it broke.
They also played homemade charades and pictionary...
...and finished off frames with craft paper.
I sent a group picture we took at the party out with Kati's thank-you cards so the girls could tape it into their frames.  Other favors included:
 lip gloss ...
...shabby, hair clips {made by me}...
 ...and personalized sleep masks.
Kati had asked a month or so ago if she could have a sleepover party and I said no! The mean mom-of-the-year award was worth it to see the shock, then excitement when I said..."Oh Kati, by the way it's a sleepover!!!"
How cute are these masks!?! 
 To me, there's nothing better than receiving a personalized gift.  The girls wore these around all night...
THANK YOU for stopping by!!! 
My Awesome Helpers... Visit their shops, you'll love them!!
Frog prince cake & cookie design cake, cookies, sweets and party styling
Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams poms (used on the piniata)
Greyson Design favor and thank you tags
Nikki in Stitches custom sleep masks
The Paper Plume water bottle labels
Passion for Parties bunting signs
One Stylish Party huge, filled balloons and tissue tassels
Eco Party Time stripey straws and bamboo utensils


  1. LOVE Linda! Such a beautiful, fun and unique party! :) THanks for letting me be apart :)

  2. Valerie~ You are so sweet! Your labels were SO perfect!!! xo

  3. Linda, this all came together perfectly! It looks fantastic...thanks so much for allowing me to play a small part in Kati's big day! :)

  4. Thanks Jen! You were a joy to work with & your bunting signs really helped pull the theme together!! xo