Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Holy Communion Cake and Cookies~

It's First Holy Communion weekend at our parish. When I started out making cakes for people, outside of my family members, some of my first orders were for cross shaped, Communion cakes and cross shaped cookies.  I do still make quite a few of those however orders are becoming more creative! 

This cake included all of the little girl's interests, as well as a replica of her Communion shoes and of the dress she will be wearing on this special day!  My favorite part of making this cake was creating the, "mini Isabella"!  Isabella is one of the students who took my cake decorating class, this past winter.  She mentioned back then that she wanted me to make her a cake.  I hope she loves it!!

Another cute order was for Communion girl, favor cookies for little Reagan!

Happy Communion Day, 2nd graders!!  It's such a beautiful day to celebrate!! : )


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