Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

Happy New Year!!!!
A week (or so) late... It's taken me a little longer this year to get over the holidays... 2011 was such a great year!!!
 I know in my mind that it's time to let go but before I write 2011 it's "Dear John" letter I'd like to share a picture of some ornaments my girls and I made for our Christmas tree...

The gingerbread men are an example of the cookies (we call them, "tree cookies" in our house) we make every Christmas to hang on our tree.  This year we made sustainable ornaments out of salt dough (thank you, Pinterest)!  Same premise (we used cookie cutters and rubber stamps) but they will last from year to year.  These take a couple of days to dry but I think you can speed up the process in the oven if you want.  Once they were dry we painted them with the prettiest, shiniest paint we could find!
We also made paper ornaments using a tutorial found on everybody's favorite party blog, Bird's Party!!
I threw some of my other ornaments in the background so you could get a better feel for my style- pretty, right?!!  ; ))

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