Tuesday, October 8, 2013

40th Beer-thday Party~

 My husband turned 40 a little over a month ago...Happy Birthday, Matt!! (better late than never, right?!) 40 is a pretty big milestone, I'd know because I made the leap last year!!

 I thought I'd help him ease into his new decade with a little celebration. With Matt, there was no other theme more appropriate than a "beer~thday party".   I transformed our dining room into a bar and it was so easy, fun and inexpensive.

I covered the counter tops and tables with brown craft paper from the dollar store, which I use for almost every party because of it's versatility.
I found the beer-paddle with mini beer glasses at Target for $3.  I've seen it used in beer tasting parties but thought it would be a cute way to display my plethora of mustards~ yum!!

Beer cheese~ another YUM!!  It's made with beer and Wispride cheese. The recipe is an ancient Chinese secret so I can't share, but google it...SO good!!

Caprese salad and hot wings...

Jack Daniel's pulled pork, right from the supermarket...heat and eat!

Strangely enough, Matt doesn't like cake (I know, how could I marry him?!!) so we settled for chocolate dipped marshmallows, beer cap shaped sugar cookies, and ice cream.

Meet our (kids' drinks only!) bartender, Kati.  She should have put out a tip jar because she can mix a mean Shirley Temple!!

We put out paper stripey straws for the adults and Red Vine licorice straws for the kids but in all honesty, not one adult went for the paper straws, they all wanted licorice!! (sangria + licorice = soo good!!)

Little beer bottle shaped ice cubes made from trays I found in the dollar bins at Target.  Looks like everyone had fun. 

                The best is yet to come, CHEERS!!! xo

Ps. I uploaded these photos from my phone.  It's my first time doing this and I definitely notice a difference in quality, hope you like them anyway!! :))

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