Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pink Unicorns in the Spring~

As spring fades effortlessly into summer... OK scratch that,
I live in Pennsylvania and the weather is unpredictable.  Today was in the 70's (no, I'm not complaining but it was strangely both chilly and humid...hmm?!)
I've been cranking out lots of cool cookies, cakes and fondant toppers lately (thanks to my imaginative clients) and am hoping, now that my girls will be home full time (summer break starts tomorrow) I'll be able to find a nice middle ground between decorating and the kind of fun that only summer brings...the beach, picnics, tubing... In the meantime here are a few of those treats I mentioned.

Cookies for Three Little Monkeys Studio's Unicorn party
           End of year cookies for Kati's 4th grade class

A Baby Shower cake based on the one I made HERE
Treats for a photo shoot, shot by my friend and photographer Nicole at Expressions by Nicole Marie
And last but not least, a fondant topper that I made for Nicole's darling little one year old, Wren <3 p="">
  Happy Summer!!!

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