Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan & Madi~

This past month we celebrated the third birthdays of two of our most favorite-ist neighbors EVER...

                           Ryan and Madi
Ryan has made a few appearances on my blog before.  I was lucky enough to be his babysitter last school year.  This year he's moving on to bigger and better things~ preschool!!  I will miss my little buddy {sniffle} but am so glad I got to party with him before the send off!!
A few cute details from the truck themed party his mom, Stacey put together~
The kids had so much fun painting these plastic hard hats
I made Ry's birthday cake.  The "rocks" around the bottom of the cake are actually chocolate.  I picked them up at our local Larder but I'm sure you can order them online.  The rocks come in an assortment of colors and sizes so I picked through them to get the black ones I wanted. (and ate most of the rest of them~haha!)
...AND Madi's butterfly party~
I made the sweets above and her mom, Jaime put together a cute, pink and purple candy bar. (Madi's favorite colors).   The only thing sweeter than this party is adorable, little Madi herself!!

                             Me and my crew!! 

 Getting our baby fix with Ryan's baby sister, Alyssa! (cuddle bug!) xo

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