Thursday, June 7, 2012

Decorating ~ home decor, that is...

I had SO much fun today, refinishing an old chair my mom gave me. I've wanted to refinish something...ANYTHING, ever since I started on pinterest. {I KNOW you know pinterest!} Along with the hundreds of things I pinned in hopes of one day doing, making, or having, I have a few tutorials on refinishing.   This post is nothing like those, it's more along the lines of  "I really can't believe I did it!"  : ))

In most ways, I am a total rule follower.  (I started to sweat yesterday when I realized that I had 8 items in a 7 or less lane at Wegmans!)  But this time I pretty much winged it!  I mean really, as intimidating as it seemed at first, as soon as I knew what supplies I needed it was a cake walk!!

                           Here's what I used~

I chose this brand because, one~ it was the color I liked and two~ it says it coats 2 times quicker.  I can't say if it's better or not because I have nothing to compare it to but it worked well for me!

Thank you to my husband, Matt for sanding the chair down for me.  The 2 things I learned in all of the tutorials I've read are that sanding and priming are a MUST!! 

This is after 2 coats of primer.  I wasn't too worried about applying it evenly because I was planning on distressing the heck out of it later.

I let each coat of primer dry for around 10 minutes.   I waited a little longer between coats of paint.  This picture below, is after 2 coats, would you believe I ran out of paint at this definitely buy 2 cans for a chair this size!!  Once I finally applied the 3rd coat, I let it dry for a good hour or so.

Once the paint was totally dry, Matt and I went to town with a fine grade of sand paper...

And that's IT!!  I LOVE it!!!  Yes it's bright but I painted a few other odds and ends yellow too, to tie the room neatly together! 

So log off and go TRY IT!!! 
Next up?  My dining room table {gulp!!} xo


  1. Looks great Linda--I love the color! Yes, I am hoping to do some furniture refinishing myself too over the summer.

  2. Awesome Lin!!

  3. Thanks guys, It was so much fun!!! : )