Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easy, Peasy Measuring~ Ribbon for Favor Cookies

Yesterday I made 180 favor cookies for a wedding. Baking and decorating them took a very LONG time.  By the time I was ready to cut the ribbon to tie the bags, I was beat!!   Earlier, when I was buying ribbon, I figured I would need around 12 inches of ribbon to tie each favor bag. The spools of ribbon I had chosen were 10 yards long, so I bought 6 spools.
There IS a reason I'm boring you with these details...

I had just enough ribbon for 180 bows.  Why didn't I buy more ribbon?  I just don't have a good answer for that one!!!
I was going to measure out and cut a 12" piece of ribbon and cut the others, all 179 of them, by measuring them against it.  I came up with this time-saver instead and thought I'd pass it along!! 

I held the end of the ribbon against the tip of a ruler and started wrapping...around... and around... and... well, you get it!  ; )

Once the entire spool of ribbon was tightly wrapped around my ruler, I GENTLY eased the ruler out.  (Make sure you have a good grip on the top of the ribbon so nothing falls out of place.)
You will be left with loops of ribbon.  Now, cut through the bottoms, then the tops.   This was such a huge time saver for me!

In the end, each cut ribbon measured 12 inches!  Here's what your finished 12 inch bow will look like.



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