Thursday, March 8, 2012

Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers Event 2012~ The Swag Bag (WooHooo!!!!!)

OK, so I realize that I'm about to post about a spectacular 2 day event that I just attended at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in NYC.  Only 80 women entrepreneurs were invited.  We were treated to two days of amazing presenters, breakfast and lunch set ups that belong in the pages of one of Martha's magazines ( I even got to sit next to Hannah Carpenter Milman, SVP Exec. Editorial Director of Holiday and Crafts at MSLO at lunch one day!!!!).  We were also invited to be in the audience of The Martha Stewart Show (LIVE, not taped) as well as a Q and A with Martha after the show... and just to make things clear, I'm starting with the swag... 

(Please don't judge me or think that I'm all about the goodies,  I'm only MOSTLY about the goodies~ Heehee!!!)

Seriously though, check this out~

Like I mentioned above, the event was attended by 80 fabulous women.  Each of us had the opportunity to add something personal from our own businesses to the gift bags they would be handing out at the end of the event.  Needless to say, everyone was SO excited and got right to work!  Believe me when I tell you that these women are going places, BIG places!! You can tell how determined they are by the seriously impressive detail put into every item~ NO slackers here!! ; )

So here I sit, giddy as I open each little gift like it's Christmas morning.  Thankful for my swag, but even more thankful for the friendships I made over these past 2 days, with woman who make me proud to be a member of Dreamers into Doers!!

Here's my contribution to the swag bags~



  1. You have a great photo of our swag!! It was an amazing experience and I'm glad we met. Xoxo

  2. Linda!
    You are so amazingly talented!
    Your work is just stunning!
    I am so, so lucky to have met and even luckier to now have you as a friend!
    I miss you, roomie!!

  3. Melissa~ It was such a great event & the swag was SO impressive!!! Glad I met you too! : )

  4. Nikki~ I REALLY miss you too, I got use to having you around 24/7!! We became friends quickly, didn't we?!! You are just too sweet & adorable &I'm so happy you live close by!!! xoxo

  5. Linda, great post. Yes the swag was amazing. So fun to see you and I love your work! Thank you for your wonderful cookies.