Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kati's 9th Glam~o~ween Birthday!

Happy Halloween and welcome to Kati's 9th Glam~o~ween Birthday Party!!  This party was planned and constructed in under a week.  Most of the decorations were either hand made, repurposed, or bought at the dollar store.   

I made the backdrop by painting foamboard with chalkboard paint then drawing on it with chalk.  It was so easy and inexpensive.  If you make a mistake you can just erase it and start over! 

This gorgeous Glam~o~ween sign can be downloaded HERE & it's FREE!! THANK YOU Latisha xo of Eccentric Designs (The Birthday sign isn't included but can be ordered seperately!)

I mounted the letters onto black cardstock and used black and teal netting on top to glam it up even more!  I glittered clothespins and made "bat hangers". {PLEASE don't ask me how I mounted them to the wall!!} Haha!


My skeleton butlers~ I love them!!  And I found them at the dollar store!!  They were actually skeleton garland that I cut apart and attached little signs, oh and..... glittered their eye sockets!  : ) 

The "Ghouls" are made of chocolate mint flavored marshmallows.  I used a black food writer marker to draw on their cute little faces.

These creepy crawlers are oreo truffle spiders with fondant legs and are being held by tiny, plastic champagne flutes (also found at the dollar store).  I flipped them upside down and added spiders, webs, and ribbon.

I made these skulls by pressing fondant into a mold (actually an ice cube tray I found at the dollar store), then attached them to marshmallows using white melting chocolate.

Here's a picture showing a little more detail~


This Glitter-tastic cake bunting was made by Kristy, The Purple Pug! xo


My Birthday Pumpkin~ May all your wishes come true!!! xoxo

Tee-shirt making and spooky/creepy teeth~

I can't throw a party without making barrette favors/decorations for the cuties!  My awesome 81 yr. old mom cut the netting for these batty barrettes.  I used 5 layers of netting, tied a knot in the center and attached googly eyes and barrettes with hot glue.

I have to mention in closing, that my little corner of the world experienced a crazy, unseasonably, unexpected, snow storm yesterday!  I was lucky enough to have gotten everything baked before the electricity went out.  I did however set up, take pictures, and host the party in a cold, candle lit home (the power was out for almost 22 hours)!!  Despite all of this and the fact that half of the guests couldn't make it through the weather, Kati said it was her favorite Birthday party EVER!  I LOVE that kid!

* Birthday Cake and all of the desserts were made by me, Frog prince cake & cookie design xo

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