Friday, February 25, 2011

Totally 80's Cake

"Pour some Sugar on me"~

I had a Totally awesome time with this cake for sure!!! Ya know, I still say, "awesome" on a daily basis ... just sayin'.

The request for this cake was that it have all of the party guests' wedding songs on it. As I made the little cassettes I blared the 80's music channel on Fios (Love it!!) I was taken back to when my friends & I would make mix tapes for each other {.....ahh, Bohemian Rhapsody!....}
Okay, I'm back...that was me drifting back to the days of high hair & Zinc pink lipstick, mullets, and movies starring Molly Ringwald.

I'm sure Sandy and her friends had a great time at her 80's party last night, after all~ "Girls Just Want to Have fun"!!! : )

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