Sunday, February 6, 2011

Archbishop Wood Fashion Show~

I had the chance to return to my alma mater for the afternoon. I have to admit, I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for someone(a teacher) to say, "Linda, What are you doing roaming the halls!??!" : )

I was there as a vendor at this year's Mother/Daughter Fashion Show. The theme of the afternoon was, "Candyland". It was such a fun theme to work with!!!
Roaming the halls...with NO PASS!! ; )

Sampling today~ My very popular, vanilla, butter cake with vanilla butter cream icing... and a red hot candy to stick with the Candyland theme!


...................................Someone had a favorite!!!

Will U...

Notice the Twirly Swirly lollipop cookies peeking out of the upper left corner? I wish I'd gotten a better picture of them!

~Hugs & (Candy) Kisses!

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