Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cake Decorating Class Week 3~

This week my class learned more than how to decorate heart cookies, they learned a valuable lesson~ "What seems like a mistake may actually become a great new idea!!" I'll explain~Enter heart cookies... When they come out of the oven take a knife & cut half way through the center of the cookie. Cover with fondant & also cut half way through that. Write,"Best" on one half &"Friend" on the other...when you are with your bestest friend each takes hold of their half & gently snaps the cookie in 2!!! I came across this A-dorable idea by mistake~

I was baking cookies last week...many, many cookies. While chatting with my husband Matt, I tried to put the next tray of cookies into the oven (Not realizing there were already cookies baking~ OOPS!!!!) I closed the oven door & kindly let the cookies continue baking. Well, when they came out half of them were FLATTENED! Smooshed right through the center of the cookie! When they cooled I broke a piece off to eat(yum!) and it snapped off soo easily...hmmm...No hissy fit this time : ) Instead I saw an opportunity. I had an ah-ha moment & decided to bake cookies that could be easily split in 2~ Half for me & half for my best friend without whose chattering I'd never have realized the potential of an imperfect cookie! xo

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