Sunday, September 26, 2010

(I will not take a bite... I will not take a bite...)
This yummy looking creation is a 4 layer red velvet cake frosted with light chocolate buttercreme & you can't forget the dark chocolate shavings.
...If you're thinking, "Hey, this reminds me of something I've seen on this blog before." then you are correct. It's actually a cake I was asked to make inspired by the cake balls I served at my mom's 80th birthday party. I know the traditional way to make a red velvet cake is to use cream cheese frosting, which is delicious...but let's take a little closer look... picture the moist red velvety cake mixed with the light chocolaty buttercreme...
and the rosettes mixing with the dark chocolate shavings!!! I really need to start making more cakes with chocolate icing. Maybe once you see these pictures, you'll just have to have one!
........................ MAYBE JUST ONE BITE!!! ; )

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