Monday, July 19, 2010

I was so happy to see that people remembered to take favors as they left the party! I'll definitely make extras for the next party because some people took an extra one...or 2.. I think one of my brothers is planning on snacking on them all week. (yes, I caught you! haha!) What is it they say? Thievery is the most sincere form of flattery!? Something like that! ; ) These favors were actually very easy to make. I used purple card stock & folded it into a tent, placed it over the cellophane bag then stapled it on either side.
The favors were butterfly shaped sugar cookies~ yum!

The woman of the hour, my mother Jane! C'mon people...doesn't she look GREAT for 80!!!
That's my daughter in the foreground wincing at the sight of the knife going through the fondant!

That's me trying not to eat anything before the guests arrive!
What a great day with family and friends. Everybody who was invited came to the party...a true testament to the warm, sweet person my mother is. We even had a few of her church's clergy there, as well as childhood friends. My sister planned the party so that my mom's sister, who she adores, could fly in from Arizona and surprise the birthday girl...that was a real tear jerker of a moment! So the day was a success, everyone was fat & happy when they left, what more could any girl ask for? : )


  1. My mouth is watering looking at all of the goodies. I really wish I lived closer, so I could hire you for a party. What a great day my cousin must have had.

  2. Hi!
    thanks for your invitation on foodbuzz. I love your cakes and cookies. They look amazing!
    Would like to ask how did you do the number 80 for your mother's cake? Was it fondant and how did you get it to stand? Really appreciate if you could share with me. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Bimmer~
    Thanks so much for the compliments!! I did use fondant for the 80 on my mom's cake. I mixed it with gum tex which makes it dry quickly & very hard.
    I used tooth picks as my support so it would stand. I also used some royal icing as a "glue" to stick the 80 to the cake, I held it in place and waited patiently for around 10 minutes before I was brave enough to let go. Hope this helps!
    Linda : )